2000 Follower Giveaway From The Black Pearl Blog


This is my first international giveaway from The Black Pearl Blog. The Black Pearl Blog makes GIVEAWAY because she successfully reach 2000 followers in 8 months. WOOWW!!!! It's so amazing!!!!

I'm really surprised she can do it!! She is a very successful blogger.

I wish I can be like her, successfully reach 2000 followers in a short time and become a true blogger who always update her blog.

The Black Pearl Blog is a blog about beauty,fashion & lifestyle. And she not only has blog about beauty (of course with her review) but also she has blog about WEIGHT LOSS!! You can visit her weight loss blog here at BLOGGERS GO SKINNY.

I really love read her posts bout weight loss, because it gives me a lot of information about healthy and nutritious foods, and how to lose weight. This really help my diet program. hehehehhehe

Beside, the writing style is very easy to understand even in English. Many interesting photographs and have a good quality. 

And the most I like, the blog is not crowded which makes me easy to open (because it is not too heavy loading) and dont make me dizzy to read every her posts. The view Blog is very simple but attractive and the color is not too crowded, makes me feel comfortable when I read her post.

To celebrate her achievements, she makes a giveaway and the prizes are very interesting and a lot. I really hope I can win and get the prizes. And This giveaway is international and includes 24 items (23 beauty products and a hamsa necklace)

Here 2000 Follower Giveaway From The Black Pearl Blog

so many prizes

I really wish I will be a winner

Thankyou the black pearl for your Giveaway

So, what do you think about the prizes?

Amazing, right???

You will not think the prizes are so much and very interesting. She is really kind enough to make this giveaway for us...

Just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter, and a lot steps but very easy...


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