Resep Spaghetti

abrakadraba....mamamia beef fusilli lezatos!

This's my lunch for today...

I'm so hungry and so lazy to out from home coz I wake up 13.00 (OMG!!! The worst sleep habit! never follow my bad habit). Dont negative thinking, guys, I sleep at 06.00 am coz I cant sleep everynight. yeah...insomnia attacks me!

With face still sleepy and my stomach take out the weird noise, I scratch my icebox and tadaaaaaaa.....I find milled beef, carrot, onion, fusilli, and sauce!! It sounds great, right?

hmmm..... I think I can make something!!!

and abrakadraba....mamamia beef fusilli lezatos is born!

LOOK!!!! what delicious it is with covered milled beef, chopped carrot, onion and cheeseeeee!

I am the best chef, right?? hahhahahha *dream it!

hmmm...are you wondering how I can make it, right?

I will tell and teach you!! And it is gretongggg... aka FREE!!

In past, I really disliked spaghetti and its friends! my friend made it to me, and I ate it with a tortured face! I felt queasy or we called it 'eneg'. I said it's delicious to make her happy. And then, I promised myself, I never eat everything like that again!

Until, my sister in my kost, Kak Flo, made it!

She made spaghetti for her boyfriend, and she gave me a little.

I tried to eat them and what I felt?? Numero uno!!!

I addicted!!

I asked her to give me her recipe and teach me. It's so simple and easy...

Here the recipe is:

1. A bombay onion and 4 garlic (mince it)

2. carrot (one and mince it too. Make it looks like a dice, dont too thin and small)

3. milled beef ( as you like) and you can add with mushroom

4. pure tomato (you can buy it in superindo or other market, 1 can)

5. cabai sauce (if you like hot)

6. oregano, salt, and pepper

7. spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, fetucini (whatever you like)

8. cheeseeee

For the first step, you have to prepare the sauce. Heat little oil in medium heat. and then add onion & garlic and cook till smell good. Add carrot and mushroom and cook till half cooked. Add milled beef, and 2 minutes later, add pure tomato and sauce, blend it! Cook it until cooked and add oregano, salt, and pepper as you like. tadaaaa....your yummy sauce is ready...

For the second step, while the sauce is simmering, cook the noodles with water in boil. Add salt and little oil to make it yummy. Cook until the noodles cooked.

Serve the noodles on plate and add sauce on top. Add cheese on top too if you like.  Make it different and beautiful! Add with decorated tomato or others.

and abrakadraba.... your mamamia beef spaghetti lezatos is born!

Why I prefer and like her recipe than others? Coz she adds carrot (not thin and small) and many onions. Not only milled beef! When I eat, I dont feel 'eneg' or queasy. I really like while eating half-cooked carrot, feel very crunchy.

Hope you will like it, guys!

Let yourself try it! It's simple, easy, and cheap!

You can invite your friends too coz it's enough for 5 person.

And one thing that you need to know (It's the best recipe that all chefs always use it) :

Cook with love and special heart! It will make everything you cook is a billion better and delicious.

Trust me! It works!


Josep Tumpal Sianturi said...

hei Merry..., gimana kabar?
Nice blog!

keep blogging...!

Merry Christiana said...

baik-baik aja sep...
iya, neh lg belajar caranya buat blog...hihihihi
tapi lagi bingung aja..hehhehehe
U gimana sep? dimana sekarang?

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